Acquisitions and Mergers (A&M’s) when done right can be extremely successful. If not, they can impair organizations and head them to ultimate self destruction. For A&M’s to work effectively involves understanding various dynamics related to people, organizational culture, leadership, etc. such as:

  • Power/Position Struggles – Has all the necessary information been laid out, conveyed and understood by all the parties involved to work together and collaborate effectively?
  • Job Security/Insecurity – Has an effective communication strategy been implemented to answer any and all employee questions/concerns, etc.?
  • Cultural Clashes – Has the organizational cultures of each entity been understood and a plan crafted and implemented to effectively blend them together?

As certified analysts of behaviors, values, and organizational DNA, we help organizations make complex Acquisition & Mergers work from the onset to alleviate headaches down the road by utilizing tools that help you get a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

Coaching and consulting is used to help leaders deal with the complex transition of succession and navigate through a myriad of challenges related to emotional, financial, organizational, family and/or personal concerns. This may include developing a structured process for managing the Succession of Key Leadership and plan an Exit Strategy while maintaining sustained growth for the organization into the future. Key areas of focus:

  • Evaluation and assessment for key leadership competencies, individual and organizational financial needs and the impact of individual retirements on the organization.
  • Identification of gaps in competency/capability strengths and potential liabilities as individuals retire over a period of time.
  • Identification of competencies and skills needed for new leadership and development of a transition plan to maintain and/or enhance the financial performance of the organization.
  • Facilitated discussions to develop an exit strategy. These discussions will involve, but are not limited to, identifying opportunities within the changing environment that create value for the organization into the future and exploring opportunities for A&M, Investment and Transfer of Management in a planned manner to the new leadership.