I have worked with Ravi and Lynn for several years now and have also attended a number of their seminars. They are excellent presenters, facilitators, and consultants. They complement each other and the content of their monthly seminars is on par with the graduate business programs I have attended but far more interesting. I have and will continue to give them my highest recommendation as consultants and as presenters of extremely worthwhile seminars for business owners and executives.

--Michael Camerota, Founder, Touchstone Advisors

Lynn and Ravi are terrific people and truly care about their clients. They are well read and ask thought provoking questions that lead to good discussions within the roundtable groups. I’ve enjoyed meeting them and the high quality people I’ve met and interacted with through the roundtables. The subjects we cover are vision and strategy focused, and I find it valuable to step out of my business to think about and discuss macro level issues with other business leaders. I highly recommend them and think very highly of them both.

--Jim Mumm, CEO - Sandler Training serving Massachusetts

Prior to joining Ravi and Lynn’s Round Table meetings, my management team and I historically planned based on our customers’ feedback and needs, which provided us with a 6-12 month window into the future. This information was only as good as the customers’ own plan. If their plan is not working, then our plan is not working. We needed to make better informed decisions to achieve the goals that we set and drive the business to its profitable potential. After discussing this issue with several people I was introduced to Ravi and Lynn’s Round Table meetings.

Today, those group discussions have enabled us to put domestic and world events into a more meaningful and relevant context. This is helping us understand the impact of trends vs. actual market changes and provides us with more definitive data to position ourselves for the future. Simply put, we are having an easier time connecting the dots to what does and does not impact our business.

Ravi and Lynn’s approach at the Round Table meetings both motivates and challenges the group’s perceptions of their businesses and roles in their business. As a CEO, I appreciate this approach. It provides me a clear view to additional points of consideration. Thank you for the hard work that you both put into each of the meetings and I look forward to the new season.

--Michael Fleming, CEO/President, Iron Duck

Ravi Kulkarni and Lynn Turner from Clear Vision Alliance are professionals extraordinaire. Using their expertise as consultants, they guide businesses to use techniques that will allow them to remain sustainable in a constantly challenging environment. Their experience and their extensive research translate into action plans that prepare businesses for the impact of the global economy, the pace of change, and the trends that impact them. Their unique perspective paves the way for companies to recognize uncertainties before it is too late.

Ravi and Lynn have been working with the Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce for many years, presenting workshops, retreats, and executive roundtables – all with the mission to renew, redirect and save companies from business plans that are outdated and destined to fail if new strategies and perceptions are not implemented. I know that they have succeeded in bringing many of my members to a new realization that external change must be understood and embraced and that they must then bring about change within their companies in order to remain competitive and sustainable.

--Gail Sherman, President, Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce

Having reached a plateau in our business strategy thinking, we asked Ravi and Lynn to work with us on our Strategic Planning Process and Executive Leadership Development. They are especially effective working together as a team and they have a keen insight for both the people and process. Ravi and Lynn have challenged us to move outside of our comfort zone and attain a higher level of insight, vision and planning as an Executive Team. They have been instrumental in helping move us to the next level so we can support and lead our organizations future growth.

--Jim McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer, R.H. White Companies

The coaching that Lynn and Ravi have provided our organization has been invaluable. From the leadership development, to conflict resolution, to strategic planning and financial accountability, every person on our team has benefited from their wisdom and expertise. The unique combination of the strengths and coaching styles of Lynn and Ravi is a powerful force. I will always be grateful for the enormous impact of their coaching on my own personal and professional development. Not only do I rely upon them as coaches and mentors, but I consider them dear friends.

--Brenda VanLengen, Chief Design Officer, PE4Life

At last year’s EANE Executive Roundtable, I discovered I didn’t have the right people in the right jobs. It was not an obvious mismatch. It became apparent thought Ravi’s and Lynn’s expertise in asking questions and facilitating discussions. That discovery alone was worth my time and the price of admission! I’ve signed up for program again this year.

--Rick Willard, President, Willard Financial Group

Ravi and Lynn challenge me and motivate me to excel in everything I do. They have believed in me and my capabilities even when I haven’t believed in myself.

--Shanna Goodman, Communications and Corporate Development Coordinator, PE4Life

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