Ravi Kulkarni of Clear Vision Alliance bring a unique perspective to Strategic Thinking and Leadership Mindset in developing long-term strategic direction for their clients. His study of the forces of change that impact and influence the internal and external environment brings futuristic thinking to the decision-making process. Clear Vision Alliance follows a data driven analytical approach combined with a judicious use of the client’s experience and intuition to help businesses arrive at a long-term strategic plan focusing on short-term execution.  Because of Ravi’s in-depth knowledge of human behavior and motivators, he helps bring teams together to implement on their plans and manage any roadblocks that could get in the way.  Clients include family and non-family businesses, nonprofits, manufacturing and service industries, professional services, banking and finance.

Key Areas of Focus:

Strategic Planning

This is a data-driven analytical approach spread over 3 to 4 months where the focus is Long-term thinking and Short-term execution. In many cases leadership transition and succession, business development, diversification, growth and resource development are an integral part of this discussion. A good amount of time is spent on defining the problem / opportunity that the business is trying to address.

It all starts with developing a narrative for the Strategic Vision. The visioning process is quite extensive and involves educational components to learn and study the forces of change, their impact and relevance to the client’s business. During this process, clients learn to differentiate between Predicting the Future versus Imagining the Future.  By placing themselves in the future, participants develop a multi-pronged approach to strategy development. Key areas to consider:

  1. Pushing the present forward (improving on current products, services, service delivery, etc. to maximize potential)
  2. Rolling the future backward (starting innovative initiatives to capture the future)
  3. Selectively forgetting the past (letting go of products, services, systems and process that are no longer relevant and / or profitable)


Business Development, Innovation and Diversification

In most cases the primary focus is growth and diversification with an additional emphasis on profitable growth.   This may involve:

  • Shifting the organizational culture and mindset out of complacency and developing skills, structure and discipline
    • Leveraging transferable and transferable skills and competencies for diversification of revenue streams / portfolio
    • Conceptualizing innovative ideas into viable and scalable project.  This is a key strength of Ravi’s and has been sought after by many of their non-profit clients where creating additional sources of revenue outside their current revenue buckets is essential for continuity and sustained success.
Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Ravi has a unique approach to leadership development where the focus is on self-awareness and strategic thinking. Most other programs focus on leadership skills such as communication, team-building and attributes related to execution and operations. Yet, not many focus on long-term strategic thinking and decision making, which requires a shift from thinking about the “Here and Now” to “Exploring Future Options and Possibilities”. Clear Vision Alliance’s leadership development focus is on:

  • Building Character, Exploring Passion and Commitment, Developing Business Sense, Developing Vision, learning about their own Management Style, Flexing Communication Style which revolves around Self-awareness
  • Helping individuals and teams gain a deeper understanding of their areas of strength as well as areas that may hold them back.  Certified in a variety of assessments that measure behaviors, motivators and attributes, their insights help individuals and teams take self-awareness to the next level to become more effective and efficient.  In addition, Ravi can help organizations identify what new team members will be the right fit for their position and the culture before a significant investment of time and money are made on on-boarding, training and development.
  • Leadership Principles + Strategic Thinking + Strategic Humility = Strategic Leadership
  • Executive Coaching acting as a thinking partner while offering objective, honest feedback when the situation demands or is requested.
  • Leadership transition and succession, which has become an essential part of many organizational strategies. Ravi has developed programs targeting the next layer of up and coming leaders to help businesses build their bench-strength.