Graphic Facilitation Methodology

Visual Thinking for a Fresh Insight

Ravi is a formally trained graphic facilitator. Through the graphic facilitation process, a dialogue is captured on large sheets of paper (or murals) using pictures, words, colors and other graphics.  This approach allows people to “see” their thinking and connect their ideas and information as they are documented in real-time.  This visual process is ideal for bringing collective ideas and information together for groups or individuals towards a common goal or vision.  It is also ideal for setting context about historical and current events as well as identifying internal and external factors that will create impact now or in the future.  The process can also be digitized and used effectively for on-boarding new team members to a group, organization, etc. as well as new customers.  And with so many teams now working remotely, this process can be done virtually engaging teams through a host of tools that can help them orient to purpose, connect, draw out information, get closure on commitments, support action, monitor progress and leverage learning.

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