Software Company Strengthens the Bench to Double in SizeHe worried too much, and always focused on what could go wrong versus what was possible.


There’s a fundamental problem when a leader relates losing a customer to a loss of love by thinking, “They don’t like me anymore.” Although our client was a highly qualified engineer and in business for over 25 years, when we started working with him, we had to work on building his confidence in himself, while dealing with his view that a loss of customers was a loss of love. He worried too much, and always focused on what could go wrong versus what was possible.


These notions were deeply embedded in his psyche from his childhood. He had plenty of opportunity to grow his business but had been stagnant for many years. He needed to hire more people to keep up with increased demand but could not do so because of a lack of funding. He had not increased his prices for the past eight or nine years because he was afraid of losing customers, and a loss of customers meant a loss of love.


With our coaching, he took the first bold step and raised his prices, and to his surprise and relief, he did not lose any customers. Step-by–step he built his confidence.


Since then he has expanded to seven new states, doubled the number of employees and continues to explore new markets. Building confidence and courage is a common issue with many of the small or mid –size business leaders we encounter. 

Clear Vision Alliance’s approach at the Round Table meetings both motivates and challenges the group’s perceptions of their businesses and the roles in their business. It provides a clear view to additional points of consideration.

Michael Fleming

The experience and their extensive research Clear Vision Alliance has translates into action plans that prepare businesses for the impact of the global economy, the pace of change, and the trends that impact them. Their unique perspective paves the way for companies to recognize uncertainties before it is too late.

Gail Sherman

Grow your confidence. Grow your business.

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