Internal Leadership and Management Development Programs

Developing the Future

Customized for individual clients, these programs are offshoots of work with many of our clients where leadership succession and transitions is on the horizon over the next 5 to 10 years. The programs can be customized for senior management level and/or for up and coming next generation of employees with potential.

  • The structure could be developed around specific needs and convenience of individual clients.
  • These can be broken down as follows:
    • Quarterly sessions of one (1) half-day each
    • Six (6) bi-monthly sessions of 2 to 3 hours each
    • Ten to twelve (10 to 12) monthly sessions of 2 hours each
  • The focus will be on:
    • Developing strategic thinking and decision making
    • Forces of change and their impact on business and environment over the next 5 plus years
    • Building Character, Exploring Passion and Commitment, Developing Business Sense, Developing Vision,
    • Self-awareness, learning about their own Management Style, Leadership Style and Communication Style and honing and learning new skills.

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