Multi-Generational Leadership (MGL) Program

Develop your Next Leaders

This program is in its third year of running and is aimed at developing up and coming leaders with potential as future strategic thinkers who can see ahead and plan.  This program is ideal for small to mid-sized companies that employ 30 to 600 employees.  Participation is limited between 4 to 7 companies and only 2 to 4 individuals per company.

  • Each company provides a pool of 6 to 12 candidates that go through an extensive selection process with Clear Vision Alliance.  From that pool of candidates, only 2 to 4 individuals will be selected for the program.
  • Those who do not get selected will receive feedback and suggestions for personal/professional development based on the evaluation process and can put their name in for next round should their company decide to continue with the program.
  • This year long program involves monthly roundtable discussions, case-studies, individual and team presentations with a lot of focus on building self-awareness.
  • As part of the practical experience, each team works on a strategic initiative, selected in consultation with their own management, that is important to their own organization.
  • Mentoring and coaching are integral parts of this program. Management teams must commit to engaging in a mentoring relationship with the candidates while Ravi is accessible as an external coach.
  • The program concludes at the end of 12 months with a full-day retreat that includes all of the participants and their management teams.  This retreat allows the participants to share their learning through the process and present not only their strategic initiatives but share their personal stories.  The success of this program has been in the subtle and major shifts within the thinking of the participants.

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